Datasets produced

All datasets linked below are collaborative efforts with many other scientists to which I have contributed in one way or another.

HadISD is an hourly quality controlled dataset of land station reports. Data is available for several elements. Station series are available as netcdf files. Currently only available post-1973.

HadISDH is a dataset of monthly mean humidity elements derived from HadISD over global land regions. Homogeneity has been assessed via NCDC's pairwise homogenisation algorithm.

HadCRUH is a combined land and ocean surface humidity dataset. This combined series ends in the early 200s. Over land users should use HadISDH unless they wish to use HadCRUH as an additional data series to understand better structural uncertainties.

HadAT is a set of radiosonde temperature series on pressure levels into the stratosphere. It is accompanied by a set of automated estimates and benchmarks. Users should use in addition products from other groups.

HadTH is a set of radiosonde humidity series on pressure levels. It uses a similar technique to that used to derive HadAT and is available on several pressure levels within the troposphere.

ERSSTv4 is a new version of the NOAA NCEI long-term Sea Surface Temperature product. The dataset was released early in 2015. The NOAA website is undergoing revision so I shall link when stable.

I also contributed to the development of the uncertainty ensemble for RSS MSU product.

Analysis of the 'hiatus'

As part of a small grant from Bjerknes Center we produced a set of model fields and analyses using NorESM. Further details can be found in the pair of JGR papers (see publications page - Outten et al and Thorne et al 2015). The data and code used and a link to the full model ensemble fields is available at

Code and other miscellany

Code used in several figures in AR5


US CCSP 1.1 assessment:

Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere: Steps for Understanding & Reconciling Differences

Lead Author on Chapters 5 and 6

IPCC Fifth Assessment Report Working Group 1:

Lead Author Chapter 2 []

Contributing Author Chapters 9 and 10

Draft Contributing author to Summary for Policymakers and Technical Summary

2014 US National Climate Assessment:

Lead Author Chapter 2 and appendicies 3 and 4.

Present and former employers

PhD 1998-2001 at Climatic Research Unit, University of East Anglia

Thesis available at

Researcher, Met Office Hadley Centre 2001-2010

Senior Scientist and Research Associate Professor, CICS-NC, USA, 2010-2013

Senior Scientist, NERSC, Norway 2013-2015

Professor, Geography, Maynooth University, Ireland 2015 to present