My research interests are many and varied (see also international activities tab). Here I intend only to cover things that I am currently working upon. I'll do my best to clean things up periodically and obviously for work in progress only superficial details will be given where there are other partners involved or any sensitivities.

Surface temperature changes

The fourth assessment report of IPCC identified changes in Diurnal Temperature Range as a key uncertainty. Rather surprisingly no dedicated studies have occurred since 2005. I am currently working on a pair of papers on the issue which I hope will see the light of day at some point. I've been working on these on and off for about 4 years mind.

I continue to work with colleagues at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center on the development, evaluation and uncertainty quantification of their various surface temperature products. Most latterly a new version 4 of the Sea Surface Temperature product ERSST has been published along with a quantification of its uncertainties. An expanded uncertainty analysis has been completed and is currently under review.

I recently was co-lead on a workshop with SAMSI and IMAGe on developing new and novel statistical approaches to surface temperature homogenisation.

Changes in surface humidity

Working with colleagues from the UK Met Office and elsewhere I continue to contribute to the development of surface humidity products and their uncertainty quantification.

Use of reference quality observations

I have an interest in the development and use of reference quality observations to inform climate monitoring in the future. There is an EU project - GAIA-CLIM that aims to use these measurements to better characterise satellite measurements. I am the coordinator for my sins.

Citizen science

I am interested in how citizen scientists can contribute to the knowledge base by learning through doing. There are many interesting projects out there ranging from running climate models through digitizing naval log books to taking and sharing meteorological observations. I am a moderator at and have been involved in the analysis stage. 

I would like to pursue digitization of land records and possibly creating an ensemble of surface temperature datasets through citizen scientist efforts. I remain in pursuit of that elusive pot of gold folks keep talking about to enable this. The latest attempt is under review and also includes crowdsourced homogenization efforts utilizing several distinct approaches. If successful you will hear far far more on this!