Invited Talks/Seminars/Conferences

I only really started taking note of the importance of these in late 2013 so the list of things gets very sketchy prior to 2013. Suffice to say I gave a lot more talks prior to 2013 than are detailed here. I'll add links to archived copies as I come across them. Ordered by year of presentation.

Talks given

 Year      Meeting Topic or title (title in "quotations" otherwise topic) Invited     Plenary
 2015     Environment Ireland "Climate Change: A Global Perspective" yes     no
 2015BIPM Workshop on Global to Urban Scale Carbon Measurements "Impact of GHGs: Measuring global temperature change"yes     yes 
 2015 Joint workshop on uncertainties at 183 GHz "GRUAN and GAIA-­‐CLIM: Gaining metrological closure on in-­‐situ comparisons through SI traceability, uncertainty quantification, co-­‐location effects quantification and data provision"yes no
 201510th Antarctic Meteorological Observation, Modeling, and Forecasting Workshop "Can we get one or more Antarctic GCOS Reference Upper Air Network sites?"yes    no
 2015ESA Climate Modelling User Group coordination meeting GAIA-CLIMyes    yes
 2015 CORE-CLIMAX coordination meeting, Brussels GAIA-CLIMyesno
 2014AMS annual meeting, AtlantaIPCC and NCA observations assessmentyesJoint session
 2014AMS annual meeting, AtlantaInternational Surface Temperature Initiativenono
 2014AMS annual meeting, AtlantaCyclonecenternono
 2014BIPM, Consultative Committee on Thermometry, Paris"Dickensian climate metrology: The ghosts of meteorological observations past, present and future"yes             yes
 2014CLIMAR-IV, Asheville, NC"The International Surface Temperature Initiative: Update on progress with land surface air temperatures"yes    yes
 2014   Earthtemp meeting on data sparse regions, Karlsruhe African land surface air temperature trends and reanalysesyesyes
 2014Metrology for Meteorology and Climate 2014, Brdo, Slovenia     

"The International Surface Temperature Initiative: An overview"

 2014   EMS 2014, Prague"The International Surface Temperature Initiative: An overview"nono
 2014NORS / NDACC / GAW meeting, BrusselsGAIA-CLIM project overviewnoyes
 2013   Zeroconference, OsloIPCC discussion panelyes         no
 2013   Royal Society Discussion meeting on climate science, LondonObservational evidence basis and future opportunities and directionsyesyes
2013   SAMSI big data meeting, Research triangle, NCInternational Surface Temperature Initiativeyesyes
2012Ninth International Temperature Symposium, Disneyland, CAInternational Surface Temperature Initiativeyes    yes
2012Ninth International Temperature Symposium, Disneyland, CAOverview of GCOS Reference Upper Air Networknono 
2011 WCRP open science conference, Denver, COInternational Surface Temperature Initiativenono
2010    AOPP, Oxford UniversityObservational uncertainty and implicationsyes    no
2009Royal Meteorological Society national meeting, LondonRadiosonde temperature recordsyesyes

Events organized

2015               Principal Organizer, GAIA-CLIM Kick Off meeting
2015               Principal Organizer, 7th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting, Matera, Italy
2014               Scientific Organizing Committee, Metrology for meteorology and climate 2014, Slovenia
2014               Scientific Organizing Committee, 3rd Earthtemp meeting on data sparse regions, Germany
2014                Principal Organizer, SAMSI / IMAGe Summer Program: The International Surface Temperature Initiative, USA
2014                Organizer and co-chair, GRUAN-GSICS-GNSSRO WIGOS Workshop, Switzerland
2014                Principal Organizer, 6th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting, USA
2013                Principal Organizer, 5th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting, Netherlands
2012                Scientific Organizing Committee, 1st Earthtemp network meeting, UK
2012                Scientific Organizing Committee, 9th International Temperature Symposium, USA
2012                Principal Organizer, 4th GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting, Japan
2011                Principal Organizer, 3rd GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting, New Zealand
2010                Principal Organizer, Surface Temperatures Initiative kick off meeting, UK
2010                Principal Organizer, 2nd GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting, Switzerland
2009                Principal Organizer, 1st GRUAN Implementation and Coordination Meeting, USA
2007                Principal Organizer, Reference Upper Air measurements meeting, USA
2004                Principal Organizer, Vertical Temperature Trends workshop, UK