I am a Professor in Physical Geography (Climate Change) at Maynooth University in Ireland and Director of the Irish Climate Analysis and Research UnitS group (ICARUS). I'm on all the usual academia type things its de rigueur to be on nowadays:

I'm on twitter at @climpeter.

Currently active research grants / contracts:
 Project / contract identifier Funder    Total funding (Euros unless otherwise stated) Role Period
 GAIA-CLIM H2020     6 millionProject lead 2015-2018
 INTAROS H2020 15 millionInvestigator 2016-2021
 C3S 311a Lot 2 (Global Land and Marine Observations Database) Copernicus 2.2 millionTechnical lead 2017-2021
 C3S 311a Lot 3 (Access to Baseline and Reference Observation Networks) Copernicus     2.1 million Investigator 2017-2021
 C3S 511 EQC for observations Copernicus 5 million Investigator 2017-2021

All other information you might want to know (or to be honest here probably not want to know) is in the tab pages.